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Fluoropolymer Coatings

Fluoropolymers are a class of paraffinic , thermoplastic polymers where some or all of the hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine. The result is either a fully fluorinated polymer or partially fluorinated polymer. All fluoropolymers materials offer the advantages of high temperature endurance, outstanding chemical resistance, purity , excellent fire propagation resistance & weathering resistance.

Fully Fluorinated Polymers

Material Composition Trade Name
MFA TFE/ Per fluoro methyl vinyl ether Hyflon ®
PFA Per fluoro Alkoxy Hyflon ®
PTFE Poly tetra Fluoro Ethylene Algoflon®

Partially Fluorinated Polymers

Material Composition Trade Name
PVDF Poly vinylidene Fluoride Hylar®
PFA Per fluoro Alkoxy Hyflon ®
ECTFE Ethylene Chloro Tri Fluoro Ethylene Halar®

High performance fluoropolymer coatings are remarkable low friction, dry-lubricant materials that combine the capabilities of two types of engineering plastics. Fluoropolymers with the lowest co-efficient of friction of any known solid, are combined with the newest hi temperature organic polymers to provide a unique combination of properties.

Fluoropolymer coating is a matrix coating which is composed of three basic ingredients
1) a polymer binder for film strength adhesion & protection of softer lubricating particles,
2) a solid lubricant for low friction & release,
3) Pigments & fillers for colour.

All materials are suspended in solvent or water, providing a compatible carrier so that, together, they may be applied by conventional painting techniques such as spraying, dip/spinning, roller coating. The result is a thin, continuous, protective barrier of film which resists chipping, spalling, abrasion, cold-flow, temperature extremes and a wide range of corrosive environments.

CorrTech Engineering provides PTFE, ECTFE, ETFE, PFA, PVDF coatings for various applications in the chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals industries.