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Gas Phase Capabilities

AAF International is the name recognized globally for quality, expertise, and innovation in air filtration. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial and industrial air filters, AAF makes a wide variety of products for removing and controlling airborne particulates and gaseous contaminants. Because the need for clean air is universal, AAF designs air filter products for use in all types of air filtration systems, regardless of the original manufacturer. The scope of applications is unlimited and ranges from ultra-clean air for electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing, to preventing the spread of infection in hospitals, to removing odors and harmful gases in occupied spaces. We protect people, processes, and systems every minute of every day.

Innovative Engineering and Design
The R&D group is lead from our global headquarters with staff located in Europe and Asia. Each member of the group is committed to advancing the state-of-the-art in air filtration. Their role in serving AAF’s customers is to recognize emerging needs and anticipate future air filtration requirements, in order to provide solutions in a timely manner. Their accumulated years of experience, in synergy with a worldwide network of academic and industrial resources, ensure that AAF will always offer excellence in air filtration.

The Product Engineering staff is also lead from our global headquarters and located in key manufacturing facilities around the world. They are a team focused on current markets, with an objective of continuous improvement in products and services to provide maximum value to our customers. They also quickly adapt our products to meet short-term changes in air filtration requirements as they arise in the marketplace.