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Glass Flakes Coatings

Glass Flakes coating are products formulated from chemically resistant glass flakes and a wide range of chemically resins to produce coatings and linings systems with excellent performance characteristics. By using different sizes of glass flakes and various percentages additions (up to 30%) brush, spray and trowelable systems are produced. The heavy duty versions will in most cases outperform conventional linings often at a lower cost resistance.

Special systems formulated from highly chemical resistant resins and inert fillers reinforced with glass fabric give maximum protection to concrete. Akzo Nobel concrete protection products have a high resin and filler ratios and because of their reinforcement are able to bridge hair line crack in concrete. In this way aggressive chemicals are prevented from penetrating through to the substrate.



  • Non Undercutting
  • Permeation resistant
  • High temperature limits
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Cold & Rapid coring
  • Machinable


  • Competitive prime cost
  • Lower steel costs
  • Less down time
  • Refurbishes old equipment
  • Long life


  • Replaces conventional linings
  • Fast installation
  • Sites or work installation