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Wherever erosion, corrosion, wear or chemical attack create problems in fluid flow systems, METALCLAD® polymer composites provide the ultimate solution.
ENECON® researchers have combined the latest and safest polymer technology with unrivaled fluid flow systems engineering know-how to produce the most advanced polymer systems available for rebuilding, resurfacing and protecting virtually all fluid flow components as well as plant structures.
METALCLAD® systems exhibit outstanding compressive and flexural strengths as well as phenomenal adhesion. Their ability to cure at low temperatures, provide superb chemical resistance and non-shrink properties make METALCLAD the obvious choice for ® the maintenance engineering professional.
METALCLAD® repair and protection systems offer incredible savings over conventional repair or replacement procedures.

CreamAlloy® CBX & EBX

Abrasion Resistant Polymer Composites
Repair & protect all types of equipment subject to very aggressive abrasion. Engineered to repair deeply damaged components.

SpeadAlloy® & SpeedAlloy® QS

Leak Repair Polymer Composites
The "leak stopper!"
Fast, easy, non-slump; can be used to repair just about any leak in minutes. Ideal for pipes, tanks, sumps, casings, radiators, fuel tanks, etc. Bonds to virtually any rigid surface!


Repair & Rebuilding Polymer Composite / Fully Machinable
Multi-purpose; can be drilled, tapped, turned on a lathe, sanded and polished. Can be used to repair worn shafts, cracked casings and engine blocks, stripped threads, sloppy keyways, scored hydraulic rams, oversize bearing / bush housings, etc.

CreamAlloy® CP + AC

Erosion / Corrosion Resistant Repair & Rebuilding Polymer Composite
Outstanding erosion resistance. Trowelable system for repairing and rebuilding metal damaged by erosion and corrosion: on pumps, valves, heat exchangers, tube sheets, water boxes, etc.

CreamAlloy® CL + AC

Erosion / Corrosion Resistant Repair & Rebuilding Polymer Composite
The ultimate resurfacing system for protecting fluid flow equipment. Brushable, self leveling, castable: for pumps, valves, water boxes, tube sheets, tanks, propellers, kort nozzles, bow thrusters, rudders, struts, etc.

CreamAlloy® HTP & HTL
High Temperature Resistant Repair, Rebuilding and Resurfacing Polymer Composites
To combat the problems caused by corrosive environments on equipment accelerated by elevated operating temperatures, ENECON® has developed specialized versions of its CeramAlloy that can withstand elevated temperatures in immersed service and under dry conditions.
These materials, CeramAlloy® HTP and CeramAlloy® HTL can be used to repair and rebuild localized damage as well as coat and protect entire components from future damage.
CeramAlloy® HTP is a two component, 100% solids polymer composite specifically formulated to rebuild and repair all types of fluid flow equipment that may be subject to elevated temperatures.
CeramAlloy® HTL is a two component, 100% solids, liquid polymer composite used for repairing, resurfacing and coating both damaged and new components to provide outstanding erosion and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures.
Repair & rebuild all types of equipment, outstanding erosion/corrosion resistance - even at elevated temperatures!

Carbon Fiber, Polymer Composite Pipe Wrap System
METALCLAD DuraWrap ® ® polymer / carbon fiber reinforced composite makes repairing and rebuilding aging, often severely deteriorated piping, tanks and other fluid flow equipment possible.
The ENECON DuraWrap® composite, a unique marriage of ENECON® 's high performance polymers and cutting-edge carbon ® fiber technology, was specifically created to repair, rebuild, reinforce and even restore the integrity of such fluid flow systems - thereby greatly extending service life and eliminating the need for expensive replacement.
DuraWrap® can be applied to the interior and / or exterior of piping and equipment to both seal and strengthen these components. When applied to the interior walls of underground or otherwise inaccessible piping, DuraWrap® can effectively repair and restore pipe integrity without expensive excavation and replacement.
The outstanding performance of the ENECON® METALCLAD® DuraWrap® system allows today's maintenance professional to extend the service life of yesterday's equipment and structures.
Repair, reclaim, reinforce & extend the life of all types of metal & concrete pipes & tanks.