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Quality Control

All painting materials including primers, thinners, and paint components are to be procured directly from the manufacturer or their authorized selling agents only. Each item of the procurement MUST be accompanied by Quality certificate from the Manufacturer in ORIGINAL and are to be offered to Inspection for verification. All painting is to be carried out following the standard procedure laid out in the documents and / or the manufacturers specified procedure. All paints procured for application must be accompanied by documents detailing the application procedure.

Painting works shall be under constant monitoring from Inspection, and stage wise inspection shall be offered FOR FOLLOWING SPECIFIC STAGES:

  • Surface preparation
  • Primer Application
  • Each coat of painting

Note: Any shop painting already applied should be recorded

Each inspection shall be documented and at the end of the job, submitted to inspection Department.

Any defect, deviation detected during inspection shall be rectified to the full satisfaction of Inspection.

General Inspection Guidelines:

Check for:

The Paint Manufacturer Certification,Manufacturing date and Expiry date General health of the packing Correctness of specification Surface Cleanliness of the subject surface.Surrounding area to ensure non-contamination during or just after application Surface cleaning equipment and procedure with due consideration to safety Proper surfaces after preparation free from all loose particles Proper cleaning of nooks & corners and difficult to access location Application Proper time lag from surface preparation to application Proper mixing (for two pack system) Correct application tools, procedure and skill Uniformity of wet film thickness per coat Proper inter-coat time interval,Adequate post drying hardness.

Our qualified personnel perform the following quality inspection tasks:
  • Coating thickness measurement (5-1500 µm)
  • Inspection for proper surface hardening
  • Inspection of coating bond to base material
  • Identification check
  • Dimensional check
  • Functional check
  • Nominal conductivity measurement

We follow the requirements of the following standards:
  • Environment, pre-treatment: ISO 8502, ISO 8501, ISO 8503, SSPC SP3, SSPC SP5, SSPC SP10, ASTM D-4285, ASTM D-4940, NACE RP-0287
  • Coating thickness: ISO 2178, ISO 2808, ASTM D-1186, ISO 19840
  • Coating bond: ISO 2409, ASTM D-3359, ISO 4624, ASTM D-4541
  • Coating porosity: ISO 29601, NACE RP-0188, ASTM D-5162, ASTM D-4787
  • Coating resistance: ISO 9227, ASTM B-117